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Mini app, designed for Restaurants, Groceries & Sweets shops.


Online Store app, suitable for Small-Medium-Large Businessses.

Self Ordering

By scanning the QR code and ordering online.


1- Bring your businesses to life by having your own e-commerce store through Shab app. Share your unique QR code and users can get easy access to your online store and shop your products. By clicking “add store to collection”, users will access the seller app from their collection.

2- Experience a hassle-free dining with the help of Shab app. Scan the QR code displayed on restaurant tables and gain access to their restaurant app, check their menu, place an order, and pay the bill from your personal phone through Shab user app.

  • No need to spend thousands of dollars on e-commerce app
  • No need to spend development cost for support
  • No need to sell through social media channels
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Hassle-free selling
  • Add, edit and hide items as per your
  • Display your specials without needing to use paper for printing
  • A fast and easy way for cell phone users to access a restaurant’s daily deals and specials
  • Restaurants online calendars that display all of their upcoming specials and events
  • Make table mobile payments through shab by scaning a QR code without having to wait for a card terminal
  • Increase your restaurant’s customer traffic through Shab mobile commerce